Onward Media

Onward Media is the name of the new entity resulting from a reorganization of Apostolic Christian communications groups (AC Publications, Brotherhood Communications Committee, Elder Communications Committee, Elder Technology Committee). The intent is that this streamlining will help produce an effective and nimble organization which will provide a greater abundance of compelling, relevant, and timely content for our entire ACCA family.



To strengthen the church by providing easy access to engaging and enriching spiritual content from an Apostolic Christian perspective.


Develop into a nimble and responsive communications organization that provides a steady stream of compelling content that appeals to various demographics in the church.



Create, curate, evaluate, disseminate, and steward biblically-based content from an Apostolic Christian viewpoint.



Guiding Principles

Strengthen the brotherhood
We will seek to teach, inspire, and equip the Apostolic Christian Church of America to greater Christlikeness.  


Support our beliefs
Materials produced will be grounded on scripture, consistent with the ACCA Statement of Faith,
and foster an appreciation for our shared background.


Improve access
Given the different ways people prefer to consume media,
we will publish content in a variety of formats to make it convenient.

Reach everyone
We will communicate in a way that engages all demographics in the church,
to the extent that it is reasonably possible.  

Ensure relevance
Our materials must meet the needs of our present and future brotherhood.
We will stay abreast of changing interests within the church.


Encourage participation
Provide opportunities for the church to contribute beneficial content.  


Harness technology
Technology is a neutral tool that can be used for good or evil.
When it can be practically used in a God-honoring way, we will adopt it.

Project Areas

The work of Onward Media is divided into project teams. Below are highlights of our key focus areas as well as goals for their future direction. 


AC Central. This digital hub of AC content will expand and improve. New requested features will be added. As operating systems and device capabilities change, the underlying technology and interface will be updated.


Curriculum. Sunday School and VBS curriculum will be doctrinally sound, attractively designed, interesting to children, and enable teachers to effectively instruct.


Silver Lining. Our only regular national publication will continue to be improved in look and content. The purposes of this magazine will go on being met, but in an increasing number of ways beyond print.


Website. The denomination website will be reviewed regularly and diligently maintained. The design will be periodically refreshed. As new resources become available, they will be either linked to or included on the site.


Around the Table is a new source for Christ-centered teaching and conversations from an Apostolic Christian perspective. Audio/visual production and distribution services for this new elder-directed podcast are provided by Onward Media.


Bookstore. The AC Bookstore will be more customer-focused and accessible during convenient hours. It will proactively promote its offerings. While the focus will still be primarily on AC-specific content, a wider range of resources will be available, and other fundamental Christians gladly served. 


Hymnody. The approved collection of music will be maintained and made available in a variety of media. 


Content Development. Brothers and sisters throughout the church will be encouraged to participate in creating materials in a variety of media that could benefit the brotherhood. 

New Media Assessment. As new methods of communication become adopted by our brotherhood, Onward Media will actively investigate, then implement ways to leverage new media to provide helpful content to the church.

Advisory Role. A group of elders will advise the Elder Body on trends, advantages and dangers of new technologies, as well as providing advice, review and oversight of all other Onward Media activities.



Onward Media is under the authority of the Elder Body of the Apostolic Christian Church of America and is governed by a nine-person board.

Day-to-day operations are handled by an Executive Director, Kevin Knapp (Bloomington) and his staff. 


1. Sarah Eisenmann (Chicago)
2. Jeff Grimm (Goodfield)
3. Robert Herrmann (Princeville)
4. Dennis Kaufmann (Bloomington)

5. Tyler Knochel (West Lafayette)
6. Greg Lehman (Wolcott)
7. Gwen Leuthold (Tremont)
8. Arlan Miller (Gridley)
9. Ken Rinkenberger (Morton)

Additional Counseling Elders

1. Rick Plattner (Fairbury)

2. Brad Strahm (Bern)
3. John Wiegand (Silverton)




PO Box 180; Goodfield, IL 61742